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Riviera Painting Inc is a family owned business which has been in business since 1989. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with reliability, punctuality, and trustworthiness. We feel that a quality paint job can be achieved with the budget you have in mind (planned).


1. Customer removes small and fragile items.
2. All furniture is moved by painter to center of room and is covered by new plastic.
3. Flooring and non-painted surfaces are covered by canvas drop cloths.
4. All cracks, dings, and dents are filled and smoothed.
5. Surfaces are sanded, cleaned and vacuumed where applicable.
6. The trim and moldings are taped off to ensure a sharp, crisp line.
7. Use the correct primer as needed.
8. Correctly apply quality paint to surfaces that are to be painted.
9. Inspection and clean up.

*Surface preparation is the key to a long lasting job
1. Power wash all surfaces prior to painting to assure surfaces are mildew and algae free.
2. Inspect for rotten wood and loose or bad caulk.
3. Replace or inform homeowner of any previously unknown wood issues.
4. Protect windows and landscaping.
5. Sand and scrap loose, flaking, or peeling paint.
6. Prime raw wood, rusty angle irons, and any other area that requires a primer or bonding agent.
7. Caulk cracks, wood joints, or any other voids where water or air can enter.
8. Apply one or two coats of paint to properly prepared areas.
9. Clean up and inspect painted areas.

Paint Finish Selections
Flat – Flat paint has the lowest level of shine, absorbs light, and is good for hiding defects on walls and making rooms appear larger. Flat paint jobs are easy on the eyes since they do not reflect light and are often used for formal rooms and elegant settings. Flat paint should not be washed. Ideal for ceilings, low traffic areas, and rooms that will not require the walls to be washed.

Matte – Matte paint has a low level of shine and also works well to hide defects. It has a washable surface. It is good for cleaning smudges and fingerprints. Ideal for areas that do not require high levels of wash-ability or moisture resistance.

Satin/Eggshell – Satin/Eggshell paint has a greater sheen than matte, but is not shiny like gloss paint. Easier to clean surface. Ideal for high traffic areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, and any other area that may require more frequent wiping.

Semi-Gloss – Semi-gloss paint provides a medium to high level of shine to an interior, making a room feel smaller and more welcoming with more shine. It is durable for heavy cleaning. Ideal for the kitchen and bath, doors and windows, shutters, molding, utility areas, woodwork, and trim.

Flat/Matte – Flat/Matte paint absorbs light and is good for hiding defects on walls. Flat paint should not be washed. Ideal for main bodies such as stucco, masonry, brick walls, wood siding, aluminum and vinyl siding. Recommended for painting accents, trims and accessories such as soffit, fascia and eaves, and wood fences.

Satin – Satin paint has a low level of shine and also works well to hide defects. It has a washable surface good for cleaning dirt or stains. Ideal for main bodies such as stucco, masonry, brick walls, wood siding, aluminum and vinyl siding. Recommended for painting accents, trims and accessories such as soffit, fascia and eaves, wood fences, garage doors, pantry doors, and gutters.

Gloss – Gloss paint gives a surface more shine than satin paint and greater ability to clean. Ideal for painting accents, trim and accessories such as doors and windows, shutters, garage doors, gutters and metal gates.

Painting Facts
Exterior Paint Failures:
South and west exposures will weather sooner than north or east sides. Also areas that are covered by plants or trees don’t get good air circulation or sunlight and can remain damp for longer periods. Also, improperly positioned sprinklers that repeatedly get wood areas wet will begin the paint failure process. These areas will be the first areas to fail.

Wood windows are beautiful to see, but can be a maintenance nightmare. Most people don’t consider painting until they can visibly see peeling paint on their windows. When this raw wood is exposed to moisture and direct sunlight it develops small fissures or hairline cracks. This condition will dramatically shorten the life of your paint job. Fortunately, there are special primers just for this application. Also when your home was built most likely your house was painted with one coat of solid stain (check any left over cans your builders painter may have left you). One coat of solid stain during the construction process should be repainted after 3-5 years. Solid stain should never be applied to windows. With that said a new quality paint job using top quality paint such as Sherwin Williams Duration or Emerald should last 10-15 years and trim and siding but only 5-7 on windows, especially on window sills and horizontal surfaces where moisture can sit. Typically the windows need a coat of paint before trim and siding.

An annual inspection of your paint along with a proper “touch up” can extend the life of your paint job on your windows by years. 

Interior Paint Failures:
Many new homes have oil base paint as a finish coat on the trim. While oil base is a good durable paint, today’s water based paints are better. Unfortunately conventional water based paints should not be applied over oil based paints. Special prep and/or primer with the correct water/alkyd top coat can be used or just use oil based paint again. The drawbacks of oil are the odor and dry time.


Are you licensed?

Yes, our company is licensed by the state of Michigan. Our license number is 2101119765.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we do. We have workmen’s Comp and liability. Certificates of insurance will be provided upon request.

Do you have references?
Yes, we have references from satisfied customers.

Are you an EPA lead certified company?
Yes, we are certified.

Do you protect the homeowner’s property when painting?
Yes, our house painters cover all areas with plastic, drop clothes, masking paper, and tape.

Do you do good preparation?
Yes, we provide extensive interior and exterior house painting preparation work. We allow customers to see the completed interior and exterior house painting preparation work before any paint is applied.

Do you give advice for house painting color selection?
Yes, I will provide expert advice on what house painting colors to choose and allow customers to make the final decision. Customers also have the option to test sample house painting colors on their walls. Sherwin Williams also provide color consultation.

Do you take a deposit?
For most cases, we do not take a deposit. Customers pay the full amount when the house painting job is completed, except under specific circumstances, such as when the job is contracted just for labor.

How soon can you finish a job once you’ve started?
Most house painting jobs can be finished within a week, unless the property is very large, or there are issues with the weather. Typical exteriors in Macomb and Shelby areas take two days. The interiors will vary.

Do you provide touch up paint after painting is finished?
Yes, in most cases, our company provides customers with the leftover paint for touch ups.

Do you provide a warranty?
Yes, our company gives a warranty with some exceptions, depending on the specific painting projects.

Who provides the paint?
Our company receives substantial discounts on Sherwin Williams products and on most other paint brands. This savings is passed on to the customer. Whether the paint is included in the contract or not, as a service to you, Riviera Painting will order and pick up the paint.


  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Deck Restoration
  • Power Washing
  • Door & Window Trim
  • Drywall & Plaster Repair
  • Outside Wood Replacement
  • Staining & Refinishing

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